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Olymp Heating Systems 100x30
HC Pressurisation and Degassing Automats
Also available as Pressure Step Degasser units
for heating and chilled water systems

Patented Dynamic Pressure Relief

Small Footprint with


Expansion - No membrane vessel

Automatic pressure maintenance - fewer maintenance costs

System top up - equalise water loss

Degassing/deaeration - protect the system from damage

Dirt removal - by settlement - Optional Filter

System dosing


    NO air and dirt seperator required
    NO membrane vessel required

    NO dosing pot required

    Only four connections to be made

    Lower system installation costs

    Lower maintenance costs

    Higher system efficiency

    Lower running costs

    Fewer callouts

Single or twin pump models

Bespoke model available.

Optional dirt removal filter

HC Pressurisation and Degassing Units Standard Range

The standard range of HC units

For systems larger than 4MW, or with higher static heights than 9.2 bar, contact us here

The units do not use a membrane pressure vessel, the expansion is at atmospheric pressure which not only minimises the expansion vessel size, but also allows the pressure step de-aeration process. No membrane in the vessel mean no gas pressure to maintain, no membrane to replace.

Animation Pressurisation2 graph

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Free and dissolved gases or air bubbles, formed during system filling and absorbed from parts of the heating system are removed using this unique de-aeration device. Opening a mineral water bottle produces gases which were dissolved in the water, the Olymp Automat uses the very same principal to remove from the installation all aggressive and destructive gases even from remote areas of the system. See Henry's Law - adiabatic gas separation.



Technical information

HC7ND. HC7N Presurisation and Top Up



Flamco Expansion Vessel

Expansion vessels avaialble

System pressurisation and top up

HC7N - Single Pump
HC7ND - Twin Pump

Digital controller
Pump(s) 4 Bar
Connection 1/2”

3 Volt free connections
Alarms - high pressure, low pressure, general fault 

230 Volt
400 VAC (per pump)
Regular pump kick start to maintain pump operation
HC7ND - automatic changeover of pumps on each activation

  25 litre Nominal
  Inert to chemicals used in heating/cooling systems
  Cold and heat resistant

560mm Long x 650mm high x 300mm deep
(HC7N empty) 22Kg
(HC7ND empty) 25Kg
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